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South Korea North (Chuncheon)
India South (Hyderabad)
Australia Southeast (Melbourne)
India West (Mumbai)
Japan Central (Osaka)
South Korea Central (Seoul)
Australia East (Sydney)
Japan East (Tokyo)
Canada Southeast (Montreal)
Canada Southeast (Toronto)
Netherlands Northwest (Amsterdam)
Germany Central (Frankfurt)
Switzerland North (Zurich)
UAE East (Dubai)
Saudi Arabia West (Jeddah)
Chile Central (Santiago)
Brazil East (Sao Paulo)
UK West (Cardiff)
UK South (London)
US East (Ashburn)
US West (Phoenix)
US West (San Jose)
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console | Multiple Regions | CN-30171
Incident Report for OCI
We've identified and resolved an issue with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Database services in multiple regions.

Customer Impact: Customers may have been unable to complete service management requests, such as creating or deleting databases from the OCI console. SDK and API access were not impacted. If you encountered any errors please retry your request.

Start Time: October 7, 2020 15:55 UTC

End Time: October 7, 2020 17:35 UTC

Reference Number: CN-30171
Posted Oct 07, 2020 - 15:55 UTC