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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Block Volumes | Multiple Regions | Resolved | CN-4817
Incident Report for OCI
We identified an issue with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Block Volumes in multiple regions, and we've confirmed that service has been restored.

Customer Impact: Attempting to create an additional block volume, without specifying a backup policy, may have resulted in an error. If you encountered any errors please retry your request.

Start Time: April 29, 2019 23:59 UTC

End Time: May 1, 2019 17:59 UTC

Reference Number: CN-4817
Posted May 01, 2019 - 11:31 PDT
This incident affected: Block Storage - Block Volumes (ca-toronto-1 region, eu-frankfurt-1 region, uk-london-1 region, us-ashburn-1 region, us-phoenix-1 region, us-langley-1 region, us-luke-1 region, us-gov-ashburn-1 region, us-gov-chicago-1 region, us-gov-phoenix-1 region).